There Calzoncillos Calvin Klein España are 2 kinds of people in the World. Those who love to watch ballet dancers and those who love to watch ballet dancers.

There is something extremely spellbinding, dreamy, magical, powerful, raw, vulnerable, otherworldly, strong, beautiful, athletic, whimsical, alluring … oh I can go on for days, about ballet dancers and watching the way they move. So getting the opportunity to step into their enchanting world and behind the (tutu) seams of everything that goes on behind the Australian Ballet’s doors was nothing short of feeling like I’d stepped into a fairytale and won Willy Wonka’s golden ticket. Chocolate included. The amazing thing is that I got to take the entire World with me as David McAllister, Artistic Director of the Australian Ballet took the Cheap Converse Shoes viewers and I on an unprecedented tour of the Australian Ballet, the Ballet’s home  –  the Australian Ballet Centre and their World.

On 1 October the Australian Ballet participated in the first ever World Ballet Day LIVE, a continuous  live streaming event in partnership with the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow, the Royal Ballet in London, the National Ballet of Canada and the San Francisco Ballet. I, as co-host with David McAllister, kicked off the entire World Ballet Day festivities in Melbourne at the Australian Ballet Centre where we gave dance fans from all across the globe access and a front row seat into the Australian Ballet artists’ studio rehearsals, interviews with dancers and the artistic team, company, class and so much more. Audiences were also spoiled with an interview with greatly renowned choreographer Graham Murphy and a sneak peak into the Australian Ballet’s rehearsal of his Swan Lake (ahead of its US Tour starting next week).

The broadcast was a LIVE 4 hour production. Hosting anything LIVE always gives me such an amazing buzz and we somehow managed to keep that buzz going for the entire 4 hours! Its the first time I tried eating protein balls as a snack rather than having a sugar overload when I needed it – the timed protein is a tip I picked up from the Ballet dancers, as you do.

We then handed over to the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow who following their 4 hour broadcast, handed over to the other partner companies. So all up it was a marathon 20-hour continuous live Burberry Outlet London broadcast! A World first global ballet experience expected to be watched by over 2 million people. Niiiice.

So here below is a link to a 1 hour highlights package of the LIVE broadcast from the Australian Ballet. I assure you that whether you’re a regular Ballet goer or have only ever watched Black Swan or have only ever heard of Swan Lake, it will be impossible to not get hooked into this behind the scenes glimpse of an incredible world that we only ever get to experience  when sitting in an audience and watching the ballet onstage.  Take a look at the truffled layers that go into making all that magic happen!

Chookas! (That’s the term all the dancers use to say “break a leg”, so I learnt. Because which ballet dancer wants to hear someone say break a leg before getting on stage? Jokes or not.)

As always, be sure to watch in HD.




Behind The Scenes photo credit goes to the fabulous Kate Longley.