Giddy Up, its Stakes Day! Often referred to as “Family Day”, however I think its un-officially party-party day. It’s the last day of Spring Racing in Melbourne Comprar Calzoncillos Calvin Klein Baratos and falls on a Saturday. I wasn’t sure if I was going to head to Stakes Day this year. As it’s also Family Day, it sometimes feels like the major festivities are over. However this year the Birdcage marquee’s stepped it up and it felt like an official race day as big as the major’s with A grade celebrities, Ambassador’s, good food and plenty of fine champagne.

As I didn’t make it down to Melbourne for Derby Day (I’m so last minute and wasn’t organized yet for the remainder of the week – so I skipped it) I figured why not head in for a little fun, frivolity and boogie?  The other incredibly decisive factor – girls, admit it or not – is that I had an outfit ready that I absolutely loved so it made complete sense to go 😉 I know I’m not alone when I say that a lot of the time, whether you attend an event or not, comes down to whether or not you have an outfit you love. You know its true.

Stakes Day we were guests of Lavazza as well as Myer. I was lucky enough to get to wear another incredible Viktoria Novak headpiece as I did on Oaks Day. These lace kitty ears (as I like to call them) are one of Viktoria’s signature pieces. You may have seen some cheaper imitations around the track but none of those come close to the incredible, alluring and delicate lace and workmanship you see in these ears. I have always had an affinity with cats since I was a child. We didn’t have dogs as a kid, we kept cats. I was always the one begging mum and dad if we can “keep it” when I would find a kitten. Ok maybe that’s a lie, I used to check the newspaper and find out if any locals were giving away kittens and would then drop in and pick them up and bring them home. As a little child I used to even pretend to be a kitten and ask mum to put me milk in a bowl under the table so I can sit and lap it up while I pretend to be a cat. OKayyyyyy that’s probably way too much information! I think you get my point – that I LOVE animals of the feline variety and believe I was probably a cat in my past life. Moving on.

These Viktoria Novak kitty ears had my name written all over them and brought out my inner feline. As I mentioned in my Oak’s Day post, the races are a great place to experiment with your look over the various race days. So I decided I’d go for a real slick and feline liquid liner eye, which I don’t ever wear (mainly because I think I would suck at using liquid liner) and a big bright bold red lip which has become one of my looks over the last couple of years (thanks Miranda Kerr).


The incredible Victoria Martin, who is a Melbourne based make up artists, worked her magic on my face to create this look (for Oaks Day also). P.s. she is the bomb. Work with her. But not on a day I need her too. I found her first.

I usually get the dress first and then the headpiece, but I loved these ears so much (and I got my outfits and looks organized only the day before I left for Melbourne #Standard) so I picked these up first and picked a dress to work with them. Introducing this amazing Manning Cartell number. I’m a huge fan and devotee to Manning Cartell. Since the very first time I tried on one of their dresses I was in love. You know when you find a designer that feels like their cut is designed exactly for your body? Manning Cartell is that for me. The fabrics they use are also always of the highest of quality and super flattering for any body shape. They seem to pull, hold, accentuate and flatter all in the right places. This dress was the perfect amount of lady and sexiness for me to go back with the ears.

Stakes Day has a real “let you hair down” vibe and “final party” celebration feel to it. Being a Saturday, people are also up to giving it a little ‘nudge’ as some would say. And a party it was! Lavazza, in true Stakes Day spirit put on a rocking party that turned the heat up above the 34 degree day it already was in Melbourne (poor boys in those suits!). Good music, good friends, good drinks and plenty of good vibes on the race day that’s a little more relaxed than the others.



Lavazza were also serving these amazing little burgers, but because I had red lipstick on, which we all know if a MASSIVE commitment, I had to pass on the burgers and wait until I got to Myer to have a bite to eat (tee hee). And of course, on all fronts, Myer didn’t disappoint, hosting another fabulous day in the Myer marquee.

Again, I apologise for the IPhone quality pictures. I carried my itsy bits teeny-weeny Saint Laurent handbag again that I matched back with this outfit, which meant that the Mary Poppins bag (and proper camera) had to stay at home.

What a fabulous Spring Racing season! I had such an incredible time at the track for the days that I attended. As for the race days I couldn’t make (or didn’t have a hot enough outfit to wear) – thanks to a healthy amount of instagram stalking I really enjoyed those too and felt like I was there also. Just getting to do it in my daggy track pants and bed socks.

I can’t wait for next year to let the good time race days roll!

So spring racing 2014, time for this cat lady to hang up her racing kitty ears until next year!

Meowwww xx





Dress: Manning Cartell
Headpiece: Viktoria Novak
Handbag: Saint Laurent
Shoes: Tony Bianco

Any photographs not taken by me are via Lavazza or Stylesnooper Dan