Mykonos. A Grecian Paradise.

Recently I found myself on a bit of a shotgun Mykonos trip for the week. Sure when I say shotgun, that kind of overlooks the fact it took 3 planes from LA to get there, but ooh la la was it worth it! A lot of my trips tend to be ‘shotgun” style. Mostly because I can’t commit and lock in a date with friends (locking things in too far in advance makes me nervous… even for the weekend) and partly because I feel less guilty about taking any vacay time if I disappear and am back before work can notice. Indeed my mind works in mysterious ways.

The Mediterranean Sea is one of my favourite places to soak. For me, any ocean works like that first sip of cold diet coke on a hot day or that feeling when you empty the trash can on your lagging computer. Alright… maybe not quite the same. In more accurate terms, the ocean is my poison. I always say it gets rid of any bad electricity in my body. It makes everything better. I think coming from the land down under has a lot to do with this way of thinking.

I’ve been to Mykonos once before, quite some time ago. And despite what some travel programs might show, there is way more to Mykonos than nightclubs. The same goes for Ibiza. Although, having rockstar international dj’s pretty much every night of the week, on exotic beachside locations, is all part of the fun of picking a place to travel that gives you the best of everything, should you want to take a bite.


So nightclubs and parties aside and while still high off that fresh tsaziki, I thought it would be rude if I didn’t give you my top 6 Mykonos Smash Hits. As far as the locals are concerned, this article never happened.

1. Kiki’s Restaurant

This place is an institution and has hands down some of the best meals I’ve had in Mykonos.

Tucked away above a little beach with olive tree branches cutting through the tables and room (cue nostalgic childhood memories of the tree house you wish you had), this Mykonian gem has no signage, phone or electricity and relies solely on word of mouth. It’s only small, so its authentically vibey and you’ll inhale each dish that fast, you won’t even notice how small the tables are. However, be prepared to wait up to 2 hours for a table if you get there after 11.30am.

The upshot? There’s a free wine cask courtesy of Kiki’s out the front for guests to get drank enjoy while they wait. The other is that it’s directly above one of my favourite beaches, Agios Sostis, so I invite you to frolic until lunch is served. The baked feta is a non-negotiable. It comes wrapped in foil straight out of the wood fire oven. Also make sure you squeeze inside to visually make your selection from the ridiculous salad bar… Then post feast, physically roll yourself downhill to the beach (wee wee wee all the way home).

2. Agios Sostis Beach

This is the tranquil little beach nestled at the bottom of Kiki’s. There’s a longer stretch of beach to its right (over the bend), called Panormos, with beach chairs and a lot more sand. However, if you’re after a little cove to yourself (that’s when everyone else gets their table to lunch), this spot is a slice of “Return to The Blue Lagoon” heaven. Brooke Shields-esque selfies are optional.

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3. Nammos Beach Club on Psarou Beach

Sashay over to the other end of the spectrum, Nammos is about luxe, indulgence and rosé all-day-erryday sun bed service and a restaurant that’s off the charts. Don’t bring your tight arse friend to a Nammos day out, its one of the most expensive places on the Island. That friend will just kill your vibe. You can’t reserve beds so be there before midday if you have any hope of getting a spot … or tip the hot sunbed girls 100 euro. Based on where you get a bed, you will also know where you fit on the ‘coolness’ radar. Closer to the sea and restaurant means you’re an 8-10 – the further away from the ocean and action – you’re looking more like a 2-4. Sorry, no offence. Also the sand gets super hot, but try to not run across it into the beach. You will feel very out of place as everything rolls at island-time-pace till 5pm.

Nammos would have to be my favourite places for people watching and playing “Guess the job / story / bank balance”. It draws a literal melting pot of people from all over the world where by 5 pm everyone is a millionaire. Warning, there is a 160K euro bottle of champagne on the menu. Be sure to keep your rich douche friend and his ego away from ordering it when he gets too drunk – its because of guys like him its on there. Come early, get a bed, book a table for a 2pm lunch and then join in the erotic euro table top dancing come 5 pm. Because when in Rome…

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4. Fokos Taverna and Beach

Fokos Beach is another one of those the locals call a ‘naturalle’ beach, which means no day beds, beats, flash or crowds. The beach is a little remote and harder to find, you will have to take a dirt windy road to get there, which is half the fun. The Taverna by the beach is also your rustic ocean to plate type place with traditional Greek fare. It’s quite tranquil and hasn’t been discovered by many tourists yet so it’s definitely worth the trek. The best part is the picturesque view of the beach from the pretty Taverna windows. Like me, spend your time daydreaming through these over lunch when not busy stuffing your face with tarama and warm homemade bread.

5. Bakalo Restaurant 

Bakalo is a quaint little traditional Greek restaurant in Mykonos Town, with the kind of recipes your ya-ya would keep a secret. We were on our way to Sale E Pepe, but was convinced by one of the locals that this place was better. So glad we did! The food was next level and Niko and the crew’s service was fantastic. The slow cooked lamb and the orzo pasta is a must. Just be sure to wear that loose swinging dress to dinner, your tight jeans will hold you back like the fun police. Also get a table outside. It’s the best for people watching in Town, especially those stumbling home sunburnt and drank after a full day of drinking at Paradise or Tropicana.

6. Alemagou Bar and Restaurant

We went looking for Alemagou for drinks at sunset. It was hidden over a bend on Ftelia Beach and we were so glad we found it, as it had a totally different vibe to everywhere else we’d been. Think bohemian Balinese meets trendy Barcelona / Ibiza beach vibes at sunset. You wont find anyone spraying bottles of champagne here – the crowd a little more mature and très cool. A special shout out goes to the bar tenders – tanned, lightly tattooed with rugged hair and good looks, giving off a total Spaniard vibe. Hmmm Spain, now there’s a place for our next vacation.

Good thanks.

You’re welcome.

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