Its times like these I wish I h Cheap Shoes for Women a d emoji’s on my keyboard!

So so so excited to share that my story with ‘Getaway’ – shot  in LA – is airing this weekend on the Nine Network! In case you’re not reading this from Australia, ‘Getaway’ is Australia’s longest running and number 1 travel show and is the show I grew up watching and always dreamed of working on… Bucket list, tick!

Travel is my drug. I became obsessed with the wanderlust of adventure ever since my parents bought me a light up globe on my 5th birthday 🙂 At first in my mind… magic carpets were the preferred mode of transport, then at school by picking up 3 units of geography before announcing to my family that I would become an air hostess… until of course my sister broke my heart by convincing me that air hostesses grow air bubbles in their head from over-flying, that eventually explode. Unfortunately/fortunately that was before ‘Google,’ so I was never able to call her out. Sooooo you could say, working with the ‘Getaway’ team was one of those dream goals you write down but don’t really think will happen. Needless to say I’m so stoked and extremely grateful about this gig!

I recently filmed this in Los Angeles. Saturday’s episode is all about ‘Catching Up With Aussies In LA,’ where I’ll catch up with some of our home grown Australian personalities doing awesome things over in LA, while showing you around different parts of the City Of Angels!

I won’t tell you too much more – you’ll have to watch it! But here are a few behind the scenes pics to warm things up (literally, as its getting pretty freezing here in Australia!). Soz about the quality of some of the snaps. I’d love you to tune in this Saturday – 5.30pm Sydney time – on Channel Nine to see our story and let me know what you think!

And I hope it inspires you to start planning a trip to La La land very soon!

P.s. one more yay! Because I think its cool to be excited and should never be too proud to say so – and important to acknowledge milestones (by doing a happy dance with the girl in the red dress emoji), no matter how big or small that milestone is 🙂 – its your milestone.


And a HUGE thank you to the amazing team involved, especially you Gem! You absolute rockstar! xxx






Sussan Mourad

  • Fiona

    Great piece – I have to say my husband and I were both blinking to work out if Miranda Kerr had done the segment lol. Talent, brains and looks – lucky you 🙂

    • Sussan Mourad

      Ohhh you’re too sweet! Thank you! You’re making me blush! So glad you enjoyed the segment and thanks for dropping by!! Hope you’re having a fab weekend! xxxx

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