I’m sorry for being a little absent in the last couple of weeks! If you follow me on Instagram you’d know that…. wait hold on, and if you don’t follow me – why NOT?! Jokes haha not really :)))

OK so you would know that I’ve headed back from LA and am now in Sydney again. Yay, the best place in the world! And Cheap Burberry Cashmere Scarf since I’ve been back I’ve been super busy with work and a few other exciting projects in the pipeline that I look forward to sharing more news about  with you soon!

You may recall from an  that I’ve joined the team at Event Cinemas to host Event TV across Australia and New Zealand. Hi New Zealand!! [Insert that girl emoji here – you know the one].  In case you need some enticement to check out all the flicks hitting the screens this month – or if you’re like me and LOVE watching trailers – check out the links below for the June instalment featuring my head. Also, here are some behind the scenes snaps from set and a shout out to Bec and Bridge for my get up for this month’s edition. Cheap Jordan Shoes See ya at the movies!!!

Oh, and get your tickets via  🙂


SEGMENT 1 June 2015 – EVENT TV:

SEGMENT 2 June 2015 – EVENT TV:

SEGMENT 3 June 2015 – EVENT TV:

SEGMENT 4 June 2015 – EVENT TV: