Earlier this year I Burberry Outlet London scored the gig of hosting the Rdio Den at Big Day Out Music Festival on the Gold Coast, Australia. Needless to say the day was nothing but crazy from the get go (4 am start to be exact).

Music festivals would have to be one of my all time favourite ways to soak up music. There’s that energy, vibe and circus that comes with live music festivals that you don’t get anywhere else. Every festival also has it’s own etiquette, style (yes that’s right, there’s more to festival chic than wearing a flower wreath in your hair) and strategy. Of course lets not forget the mix of people festivals bring out of the woodwork and all the ridiculous sh*t you get to see, because lets face it, sometimes the show is just as much in the crowd as on stage.

Big Day Out was no exception but this time I got to experience it from a fresh new perspective. As the day got hotter, so did the list of artists I was interviewing, which made it that much more exciting to know some of the interviews I was doing literally a few minutes before they were happening (thank God for the wifi!). With Snoop’s interview being no exception.  I got to hang out and chat with a whole bunch of cats including Mac Miller, Grouplove, Deftones, Portugal. The Man, Bluejuice, Flosstradamus, Pez and the legendary Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion for his only Australian interview.


Some highlights that really should get a mention:

Mac Miller for just being Mac Miller and behaving COMPLETELY off the rails during our interview. It felt like I was constantly trying to reel him in, but yet I couldn’t help going off on tangents with him as he was so loose and that’s why we love him. Sharing in his self-confessed ADD made it that much more fun, it was definitely the most fun interview of the day. Plenty of his fans have commented on the interview since, claiming they’ve allegedly never seen him as “high” as this day. It was only 10 am… but then again, it was his birthday. His answers to my hypothetical questions were also hilarious. My favourite involves… a ehmm… penis… check out the highlight video below, you’ll see what I mean. For the full interview and comments, .

Snoop Dogg… or Snoop Lion… Snoopzilla – whatever name you choose to call him was a complete legend all round. Such a professional when it comes to interviews and so well spoken! Snoop speaks on a flow, you can almost hear a beat in his regular speech. The best part was after the interview ended, I told him that I’ve always wanted to cuddle him as I thought he would be really cuddly, you know, like a puppy dog. In retrospect it’s a bit odd that I thought this as he is soooo tall and thin. Maybe it has something to do with his dreads? Snoop’s response, “come here baby doll” and gave me a Snoop cuddle. Dada-dada-dah, its the S.N.O.O.P.D.O.G.G

The guys from Deftones were absolute dudes with such an amazing sense of humour. There was plenty of good karaoke happening before the camera’s started rolling. Song No. 2 by BLUR..Woo hoo..

Bluejuice for being as mental as ever,  with very little clothing just to keep things loco.

Check out all the best bits in the highlights video below. Some links to individual interviews are further down after the jump.

Also what’s one of your most ridiculous festival stories? Let me know in the comments your best / worst festival experience.

Fo Shizzle Dizzle.

Sussan Mourad