Believe me when I say that the way to a woman’s heart is via her hair. And when I say hair, I mean head massages. Following that, via her stomach.

Last night I hosted the launch of Anthony Nader’s new state-of-the-art flagship salon, RAW Hair. In case you need a little hair history lesson, Anthony Nader is an International Multi-Award winning hairstylist who has not only worked on and directed shows in London, Milan, Paris, New York and Sydney for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, but has also tended to the tresses of Cate Blanchett, Gisele Bundchen, Hugh Jackman and Miranda Kerr just to name a few. So yeah, to put it simply, Anthony is Burberry Outlet London kinda a big deal. Of course Anthony is not only an industry leader and fashion favourite here in Australia, but also in NYC where he spends 6 months of the year working his magic for a host of leading international publications.

Anthony-Nader-headshot-870x580 copy

Anthony’s new Surry Hills hub draws inspiration from that time spent living between Sydney and NYC.

Designed in collaboration with House Rules judge Joe Snell, this cool loft style space, with its raw finishes and exposed natural elements is a throwback to the buzzing creative district of Chelsea (Anthony’s NYC neighbourhood), the spacious design of a chic Tribeca loft and the organic vibe of an artist’s atelier. Tres cool and very chilled.



In a room packed with the fashion industry’s leading fashion and beauty magazine editors, I got to chat to them about all the reason’s why they’re huge fans of Anthony’s, the team at RAW and their favourite part of the salon experience. Because I am the first person to put my hand up and say that there’s so much more to getting your hair done, than just getting your hair done! Right?

And of course it was no surprise that the one common denominator in almost everybody’s response was their love for the “Head Massage”… hmmmm head massage (said in my best Homer Simpson voice). One of my all time favourite luxuries when it comes to going to the hair salon. Every time I get my head massaged I imagine that feeling experienced by a puppy when it gets it’s ears scratched….hmmm.

Of course that wasn’t the only reason why everyone was a big fan of Anthony’s and the team at RAW, a highlights video will soon follow.

It was a fantastic night and other than the team, guests, great Burberry Cashmere Scarf Sale food, great vibe, divine cup cakes, french champagne and getting primped and primed by the best hair and make-up team – I’ve gotta say, discovering the Madonna-themed bathrooms was high on the list of the nights highlights! In addition to a great signed Madge portrait (which I discovered was perfectly placed to enable you to capture a great Madge bathroom selfie), the bathroom play list was also strictly Madonna only. Like a Prayer, Express Yourself, Bad Girl…Of course I thought it was just a coincidence that every time I walked into the bathroom Madonna was playing… until I eventually figured it out! Haha #BrunetteMoment Doh!

Check it all out at 100 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills.




Anthony Nader Raw Hair Launch, October 2014.

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