About Sussan Mourad

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Hi, I’m Sussan Mourad (as in like, More-Rad) and I’m an Australian born TV Host, Writer, MC, Adventurer, Entertainment Enthusiast and Music and Pop-Culture Guru.

As a kid I spent my weekends hosting Perfect Match for hours with an open fridge door (sorry mum) as well as waking up before dawn to study the dance moves of every music video (admittedly mostly the cheesy pop type…Ok, Ok, maybe I still do). In primary school I rapped my own election campaign speech in school assembly that landed me the position of school captain (aha WTF, seriously!?) and my first job in school was at the local newsagency just so I could religiously read all the trashy gossip magazines. You could say that most dinner conversations ended up with mum’s concern that, “Sussan’s a little crazy, I think she thinks all those celebrities she reads about are her friends, look how she talks about them on a first name basis.” Well obvs mum, why do you think I stopped putting up their pictures on my walls? That would just be #awkward.

I should add that second to my first love in life – the ‘Music Video’ – was a light up World Globe I got on my 5th birthday. I became obsessed with the wanderlust of travel. At first in my mind.. magic carpets were the preferred mode of transport, then at school by picking up 3 units of geography before announcing to my family that I would become an air hostess… until of course my sister broke my heart by telling me that they all grow air bubbles in their head from over-flying. Unfortunately/fortunately that was before ‘Google,’ so I was never able to call her out.

I’m also really proud of the award I got in kindergarten for being the first person who could spell the word ‘because’ – you could say that my love of talking, communicating, explaining, expressing and sharing continued to grow ever since the day I nailed that 7-lettered word (figuratively, geez!).

If things don’t work out with my current career choices, my sure fire ‘back-up career’  successes would come from being a rapper (because there’s a rapper in me that seems to be dying to get out – my recent rap to Bruno Mars of ‘Thrift Shop’ cemented this) or a detective. Don’t underestimate what I can do (and find out) with a little app called Instagram. Add Twitter & Facebook to the mix and I could solve every unsolved murder mystery… in hours. Its a gift.

Oh, I also talk in my sleep.

So naturally I was destined for a career in….Law? Huh, I know right!? I did the degree, somehow managed to score First Class Honours (yep, total undercover nerd) and then ditched the idea of a straight and narrow career path (but unfortunately not the study debt). Instead I’ve embraced that crazy part of our minds, that little voice we often try to ignore and decided to “Embrace my Crazy” by using the gift of my analytical mind and personality to create my point of difference in entertainment. An industry I’ve always oh-so loved since those days of hosting Perfect Match.