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Hi, I’m Sussan Mourad (as in like, More-Rad) and I’m an Australian born TV Host, Writer, MC, Adventurer, Entertainment Enthusiast and Music and Pop-Culture Guru.

As a kid I spent my weekends hosting Perfect Match for hours with an open fridge door (sorry mum) as well as waking up before dawn to study the dance moves of every music video (admittedly mostly the cheesy pop type…Ok, Ok, maybe I still do). In primary school I rapped my own election campaign speech in school assembly that landed me the position of school captain (aha WTF, seriously!?) and my first job in school was at the local newsagency just so I could religiously read all the trashy gossip magazines. You could say that most dinner conversations ended up with mum’s concern that, “Sussan’s a little crazy, I think she thinks all those celebrities she reads about are her friends, look how she talks about them on a first name basis.” Well obvs mum, why do you think I stopped putting up their pictures on my walls? That would just be #awkward.

I should add that second to my first love in life – the ‘Music Video’ – was a light up World Globe I got on my 5th birthday. I became obsessed with the wanderlust of travel. At first in my mind.. magic carpets were the preferred mode of transport, then at school by picking up 3 units of geography before announcing to my family that I would become an air hostess… until of course my sister broke my heart by telling me that they all grow air bubbles in their head from over-flying. Unfortunately/fortunately that was before ‘Google,’ so I was never able to call her out.

I’m also really proud of the award I got in kindergarten for being the first person who could spell the word ‘because’ – you could say that my love of talking, communicating, explaining, expressing and sharing continued to grow ever since the day I nailed that 7-lettered word (figuratively, geez!).

If things don’t work out with my current career choices, my sure fire ‘back-up career’  successes would come from being a rapper (because there’s a rapper in me that seems to be dying to get out – my recent rap to Bruno Mars of ‘Thrift Shop’ cemented this) or a detective. Don’t underestimate what I can do (and find out) with a little app called Instagram. Add Twitter & Facebook to the mix and I could solve every unsolved murder mystery… in hours. Its a gift.

Oh, I also talk in my sleep.

So naturally I was destined for a career in….Law? Huh, I know right!? I did the degree, somehow managed to score First Class Honours (yep, total undercover nerd) and then ditched the idea of a straight and narrow career path (but unfortunately not the study debt). Instead I’ve embraced that crazy part of our minds, that little voice we often try to ignore and decided to “Embrace my Crazy” by using the gift of my analytical mind and personality to create my point of difference in entertainment. An industry I’ve always oh-so loved since those days of hosting Perfect Match.

This site is a reflection of my life, work, adventures, passions and style all weaved together with the mostly cheeky or embarrassing musings that often occupy my mind. Be prepared for some Seinfeld moments. So glad you stopped by, its going to be fun 🙂

You can also have a read of this post that will fill you in with more detail what my blog is all about.


Sussan Mourad is a dynamic and captivating TV Host, Writer, MC, blogger, Entertainment Enthusiast, Music and Pop-Culture Expert and Lifestyle and Travel Guru.

One of Australia’s most vibrant talents (with a borderline unhealthy obsession for entertainment/pop-culture), Sussan has established a name for herself as one of the freshest hosts in entertainment and red carpet reporting. Covering numerous high profile events as the Official Red Carpet Host, Sussan has hosted the ARIA Awards Red Carpet (Grammys equivalent) interviewing Alicia Keys, Lorde & Tame Impala, broadcast on the Nine Network’s Go!; two ASTRA Awards Red Carpets (Emmys equivalent) interviewing Australian television royalty and international guests; two Australian Hair Fashion Awards Red Carpets and two Nickelodeon SLIMEFEST’s (Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards equivalent) as SLIMEFEST’s backstage reporter among various other events. A host of choice for her unique brand of free-spirited fun, energy, charm and cheekiness, Sussan always manages to pull even the greatest of A-Grade celebrities into her world of fun, leaving them chuckling and divulging intimate details with a smile.

Sussan can also currently be seen daily on the ‘Big Screen’ across all Event Cinemas in Australia and New Zealand hosting Event TV, where she introduces and reviews the newest movie blockbusters set to sweep the box office, while also covering the red carpet of all major movie premieres.

Sussan has also recently joined the team of ‘Culture Makers’ as an Entertainment, Pop-Culture & Music columnist for Buro 24/7 Australia, where she interviews artists, covers events as well as gives her entertainment and pop-culture opinion though an Australian lense.

In addition to entertainment, Sussan has fast developed a reputation with her passion for music. Sussan was recently the backstage reporter for Australia’s largest global music festival, Big Day Out, interviewing the biggest acts on the line up such as Mac Miller, Grouplove, Deftones and the legendary Snoop Dogg for his only Australian interview (streamed worldwide by Rdio). Sussan has also interviewed local and international music artists for mega music brands [V] Music Australia, MTV and Rdio. Whether rapping to Bruno Mars, asking Snoop Dogg what name he prefers or cheekily teasing Lorde about now driving in limo’s, Sussan’s performance always guarantees something refreshing and raw, yet professional and intelligent.

Being an entertainment and music superhero is only one side of Sussan’s versatility. A world nomad with an insatiable appetite for eclectic adventure (since the days of receiving a world globe on her 5th birthday), Sussan recently began filming with Australia’s number 1 Travel Show, ‘Getaway’, showcasing LA and her passion for adventure. Sussan has also starred in a series of adventure travel stories shot in Namibia for international travel brand World Nomads in conjunction with Nat Geo Adventure. Sussan left the producers gob-smacked when she requested the Himba tribe transform her into ‘one of them’, emerging in traditional dress and instigating a tribal dance with the tribe’s women. Thriving on such ‘out of this world’ experiences, matched with her ability to inspire, Sussan is already fast becoming the poster girl for eclectic adventure travel.

A quirky social superhero with an unexpected twist, Sussan is also a First Class Honours Law graduate who ditched any ideas of a straight and narrow career path. Instead, the self-confessed ‘undercover nerd’ is living out her personal motto of ‘Embrace Your Crazy’, using the gifts of her analytical mind, warmth and infectious personality, to create her point of difference in entertainment.

Getting to flex her live debating muscles and show off her multifaceted commentary skills, Sussan has appeared on various live Australian morning show panels including ‘Wake Up,’ ‘Mornings’ and Channel Seven’s ‘Sunrise’ segment, ‘Kochie’s Angels’ (in what she describes as the next best thing to being a Victoria Secret’s Angel), where she not only offers her candid opinion on lighthearted pop-culture matters, but can also sink her teeth into current affairs news.

Thriving in live broadcast formats, Sussan also recently hosted the first ever ‘World Ballet Day’ from the Australian Ballet Centre, a 4-hour worldwide live stream event in partnership with ‘Bolshoi Ballet’ in Moscow, ‘The Royal Ballet’ in London, ‘The National Ballet of Canada’ and ‘San Francisco Ballet’.

Multi-dimensional in her talents with a strong passion for writing, photography, travel and fashion, Sussan launched Sussanmourad.com in 2014, a blog that fuses her adventures, passions, work and style, weaved with the mostly cheeky or embarrassing musings that often occupy her mind. With a strong blog focus on ‘raw and honest writing,’ Sussanmourad.com is also an outlet for Sussan to share her candid unfiltered thoughts and “the embarrassing stuff we all think about,” but also her self-depreciating fascination with our interaction on social media through her column: ‘Confessions of a Hashdag’. Stepping outside traditional fashion blogging, Sussan is steadily building a following for her unique blog brand of quirky writing matched with beautiful, high quality imagery and eclectic adventures.

Sussan is also an experienced MC and has hosted events for Universal Pictures including the Australian premiere of ‘Ride Along’ alongside Kevin Hart and has also hosted events for retail giant David Jones & TAFE NSW.

Sussan has trained at the National Institute of Dramatic Art completing a course in Television Presenting and currently holds a First Class Honours Law Degree from the University of Technology, Sydney. Sussan is also proficient in editing software Final Cut Pro.

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